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Cuba’s Social Control, A Highly Effective Weapon

Cuba’s Social Control, A Highly Effective Weapon February 15, 2017 By Osmel Ramirez Alvarez HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban system is well thought out, that doesn’t mean to say that it is flawless though. It works; it holds itself up and manages to keep afloat in spite of shortages and its lack of success. How […] Continue reading

State Security Tactics in Cuba

State Security Tactics in Cuba / Iván García Ivan Garcia, 11 May 2016 — Daniel Llorente Miranda, 52, is a spontaneous dissident. He doesn’t belong to any opposition party, nor is he an un-gagged journalist. He is on his own. Last 22 March, with the stars and stripes on his shoulders, Llorente found himself in […] Continue reading

Broken Families in Cuba

Broken Families in Cuba / Iván García Ivan Garcia, 2 April 2016 — The dilapidated old house where the Varona family lives, in the Lawton district of Havana, could serve very well as a set for a television series about marginalisation and violence. The front wall cries out for a coat of paint. Cracked roof […] Continue reading

Academies To Produce Macho-Men In Cuba

Academies To Produce Macho-Men In Cuba / Abel Sierra Madero Posted on February 19, 2016 In the 1960s, close to 30,000 young men were detained in forced-labor camps. The mistreatments that took place in these camps, known as Military Units to Aid Production UMAP, in the name of “social hygiene,” testify to the homophobic component […] Continue reading

Cuba’s CDR Committees – Bringing Back the Dead

Cuba’s CDR Committees: Bringing Back the Dead December 29, 2015 Irina Echarry HAVANA TIMES — There were no excuses: it wasn’t raining, people had been notified in advance, the meeting would be held before the sacred soap opera came on and the “visitors” would arrive early. We had only to wait until the clock showed […] Continue reading

Teenage Gangs Assault And Rob Residents Of Havana Neighborhoods

Teenage Gangs Assault And Rob Residents Of Havana Neighborhoods / Diario de Cuba, Jorge Enrique Rodriguez Posted on November 24, 2015 Diario de Cuba, Jorge Enrique Rodriguez, Havana, 24 November 2015 — Two teenage gangs disturb the public peace on the streets of the Havana municipality of Cerro, while the police remain passive. Known as […] Continue reading

What the Wind Left Behind

What the Wind Left Behind* / Cubanet, Rafael Alcides Posted on May 23, 2015 Cubanet, Rafael Alcides, Havana, 10 April 2015 – Havana sixty years ago was a pretty city—clean, young and with no thieves of any consequence in the neighborhood. Around 9:00 at night the garbage truck would make its rounds. It was a […] Continue reading

Enough with the Charades, Cuba Deserves Free Elections

Enough with the Charades, Cuba Deserves Free Elections / Cubanet, Roberto Jesus Quinones Posted on April 18, 2015, Roberto Jesus Quinones Haces, Guantanamo, 17 April 2015 – Coming up on April 19 there will be “elections.” Many countrymen ask about the changes that the Electoral Law will introduce. The most democratic electoral law in […] Continue reading

Staging Civil Society

Staging Civil Society / 14ymedio, Manual Cuesta Morua Posted on April 3, 2015 14ymedio, Manuel Cuesta Morua, Havana, 2 April 2015 — The Summit of the Americas is the best opportunity for Cuba. For the first time since 1959, our country has and will take advantage of the occasion provided by the international community to […] Continue reading

El Crítico – Music as a subversive instrument in Cuba

El Crítico: Music as a subversive instrument in Cuba 02/06/2015 2:38 PM 02/06/2015 10:08 PM HAVANA During his years behind bars, Angel Yunier Remón Arzuaga staged a 27-day hunger strike and refused to wear the prison uniform. Now, as the rapper known as “El Critico” returns to his music, he plans to do so with […] Continue reading

The Voices of Cubans?

The Voices of Cubans? / Miriam Celaya Posted on April 8, 2014 Arrogance is a personality trait impossible to hide for those who suffer from it. In fact, it becomes more obvious when an arrogant individual tries to cover his proverbial petulance under a cloak of feigned humility. The worst of such a subject, however, […] Continue reading

Demystifying las UMAP – The Politics of Sugar, Gender, and Religion in 1960s Cuba

Demystifying las UMAP: The Politics of Sugar, Gender, and Religion in 1960s Cuba Joseph Tahbaz ’15 History major Dartmouth College Abstract: The UMAP, las Unidades Militares de Ayuda a la Producción, were forced-work agricultural labor camps operated by the Cuban government during the mid-1960s in the east-central province of Camagüey. The current academic literature […] Continue reading

The Forgotten Prisoner

The Forgotten Prisoner / Lilianne Ruiz Posted on August 22, 2013 Havana, Cuba, August 2013, Armando Sosa Fortuny has turned 71 in the prison known as Kilo 9, in Camaguey province. In the photo, which was secretly taken by a member of the Committee for the Liberation of Political Prisoners (CPLPP) who visited him […] Continue reading

Why Not Just Dissolve the CDR?

Why Not Just Dissolve the CDR? / Regina Coyula Posted on July 24, 2013 Comments on the recent speech by General-President Raul Castro can be heard in a pharmacy line as well as in an almendrón.* People in general are pleased that the country’s top leadership is finally acknowledging the presence of the invasive social […] Continue reading

Rebeca Monzó, twitterer: “Through the needle’s eye”

Rebeca Monzó, twitterer: "Through the needle's eye" November 21, 2012 Alfredo Fernandez HAVANA TIMES – Rebecca Monzo's blog, "Through the needle's eye", at the "Voces Cubanas" (Cuban Voices) portal, represents an exquisite example of what some are already calling Feminine Cyber-culture. Every week at Rebeca Monzó offers us her opinion of the most important [...] Continue reading

A liberal view of tyranny at distance

A liberal view of tyranny at distance By Michael Moynihan 11:30 AM Tuesday Oct 2, 2012 In 1933, as Joseph Stalin was busy purging his enemies and building a murderous cult of personality, the New York-based left-wing magazine The Nation advised readers interested in travelling to Moscow that Intourist, the Soviet Union's official travel agency, [...] Continue reading

My Case File Disappeared / Angel Santiesteban

My Case File Disappeared / Angel Santiesteban Angel Santiesteban, Translator: Regina Anavy These days I have wandered with my lawyer through the "legal systems" of Cuba. The Castro brothers, who own the Birán estate that was previously their father's, later extended the fence to the limit of the jurisdictional waters and converted the estate into [...] Continue reading

To the Outraged / Lilianne Ruíz

To the Outraged / Lilianne RuízLilianne Ruíz, Translator: Unstated I understand that Western countries, where the government emerges from a multi-party democracy, must have their problems. Here the scriptwriters of any news report broadcast are very pleased when they comment on (because they almost never let you hear the voices of the international reporters) the [...] Continue reading
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