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21st Century Socialism and Mind-Set Change in Cuba

21st Century Socialism and Mind-Set Change in Cuba July 2, 2012 Vicente Morin Aguado HAVANA TIMES — On several occasions, Cuban President Raul Castro has stressed the importance of changes in people's mentality, as an objective of the Communist Party but considered one of the most difficult to achieve. Among the various statements by President [...] Continue reading

A Good Psychiatrist

A Good Psychiatrist / Fernando Dámaso Fernando Dámaso, Translator: Unstated Cubans who did not have to rush off to a psychiatrist's office in order to prevent a nervous breakdown after reading their nation's newspapers this week should consider themselves lucky. The front page began with an official announcement on the moringa plant—a type of American [...] Continue reading

Samsara / Lilianne Ruíz

Samsara / Lilianne Ruíz Lilianne Ruíz, Translator: Maria Montoto I am writing in order to release my anger, because this morning Agustin has been attacked by a mob of people from that neighborhood “El Globo” –The Globe– in Calabazar, from where I was able to take him out by force with love and hot meals. [...] Continue reading

My Case File Disappeared / Angel Santiesteban

My Case File Disappeared / Angel Santiesteban Angel Santiesteban, Translator: Regina Anavy These days I have wandered with my lawyer through the "legal systems" of Cuba. The Castro brothers, who own the Birán estate that was previously their father's, later extended the fence to the limit of the jurisdictional waters and converted the estate into [...] Continue reading

Cuba and the Value of Silence

Cuba and the Value of Silence April 29, 2012 Veronica Vega (Amrit) HAVANA TIMES, April 29 — Last night I attended a meeting in my building to appoint a new president of the CDR (Committee for the Defense of the Revolution). The previous president resigned nine months ago, but after several attempts at holding a [...] Continue reading

The Trial is Today, April 13. Solidarity with Zuraima, Wife of the Rastifarian Priest Imprisoned in Cuba

The Trial is Today, April 13. Solidarity with Zuraima, Wife of the Rastifarian Priest Imprisoned in Cuba: +53-52519247 / Orlando Luis Pardo LazoOrlando Luis Pardo Lazo, Translator: Unstated To whom it may concern: I, Hector Riscart Mustelier, declare in writing what really happened on Wednesday, November 16, 2011. We left the "National Cabaret" where we [...] Continue reading

To the Outraged / Lilianne Ruíz

To the Outraged / Lilianne RuízLilianne Ruíz, Translator: Unstated I understand that Western countries, where the government emerges from a multi-party democracy, must have their problems. Here the scriptwriters of any news report broadcast are very pleased when they comment on (because they almost never let you hear the voices of the international reporters) the [...] Continue reading

CDR, Castro’s Popular Weapon / Iván García

CDR, Castro's Popular Weapon / Iván GarcíaIván García, Translator: Regina Anavy On September 28, 1960, while homemade bombs and firecrackers were being detonated by his political opponents, an angry Fidel Castro created the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR). From the balcony of the north wing of the Presidential Palace, the guerrilla commander, [...] Continue reading

Monumental Horrors / Rebeca Monzo

Monumental Horrors / Rebeca MonzoRebeca Monzo, Translator: BW In the past few days, I wrote about architectural horrors, today I am going to dedicate this post to the aggressions committed against our monuments. Walking through the neighborhood of El Vedado, as always with my little camera in hand, I stopped to look at the little [...] Continue reading

Why So Much Anger in Cuba?

Why So Much Anger in Cuba?Posted: 8/16/11 12:13 PM ET "Three boys were stabbed in the Piragua* the other night," "don't go by Zapata and G where you might be assaulted," "a former policeman killed a child for stealing mamoncillo fruit," "don't even think of going to Central Havana after ten." These are some of [...] Continue reading
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