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Luxury and Excess in Socialist Cuba

Luxury and Excess in Socialist Cuba / 14ymedio, Marta Requeiro 14ymedio, Marta Requeiro, Miami, 26 February 2017 – I don’t know how my mother managed always to know a little more about my friends and their customs, and even those of the neighbors, because her limited time did not allow her to gossip; but she […] Continue reading

Backlash in Cuba

Backlash in Cuba Obama’s historic visit was a smash hit in Havana. Fidel Castro wasn’t going to take that lying down. By ANN LOUISE BARDACH June 10, 2016 HAVANA—These days Fidel Castro doesn’t often leave his comfortable home in Siboney, a leafy suburb west of this city. But on April 19, the 89-year-old Cuban leader […] Continue reading

The Castros’ New Friend

The Castros’ New Friend [14-05-2015 22:57:34] James Kirchick ( Obama’s change of policy helps Cuba’s oppressive regime, not its democratic dissidents I’ve visited more than my fair share of dictatorships, but Cuba is the only one where travelers at the airport must pass through a metal detector uponentering, in addition to leaving, the country. Immediately […] Continue reading

President of the CDR lives in misery

President of the CDR lives in misery / CID Posted on July 29, 2013 A Cuban family from Holguín, desperate because of the precarious state of their home and the lack of any response from the authorities, went to see human rights activists to ask them to help and to provide a report on her […] Continue reading

Cuba and the Enslaving System of Two Currencies

Cuba and the Enslaving System of Two Currencies / Yusnaby Perez Posted on April 16, 2013 The dual currency system in Cuba is one of the major economic and social problems of the country. Don't take my word for it, on several occasions the president of the country, Raul Castro himself (and I have no […] Continue reading

A liberal view of tyranny at distance

A liberal view of tyranny at distance By Michael Moynihan 11:30 AM Tuesday Oct 2, 2012 In 1933, as Joseph Stalin was busy purging his enemies and building a murderous cult of personality, the New York-based left-wing magazine The Nation advised readers interested in travelling to Moscow that Intourist, the Soviet Union's official travel agency, [...] Continue reading

Hustling in Cuba Takes a Legal Turn

Hustling in Cuba Takes a Legal TurnFebruary 27, 2012Dariela Aquique HAVANA TIMES, Feb 27 — Double standards are almost an inherent condition of Cuban life. The visceral fear of the truth, as well as our getting used to things seeming what they aren't, have become practices used by many people to avoid the classic social [...] Continue reading
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